Monday, April 20, 2015

This lovely week for Elder Carlton

​This week was a pretty interesting week. A lot of things happened and so now I get to share them with you. It started out with my encounter with a toko. They are about the size of my forearm so like a foot in length and are a lizard. So if you know me and my love for creatures of that sort you can prob imagine my love for it. I freaked out when i saw it and my companion just laughed and laughed at me.
This week was really fun with having to stay up and do laundry for 4 hrs. My hands were so raw. Not to mention that i was super tired the rest of the week and i just really wanted to be done with the days and come home and sleep. 

We started to cook some pretty decent meals now  so I think i will be starting to gain some weight back. Good thing but not good.

The area I am in is next to tacloban so it is an area that got hit by the typhoon. Still 2 years later it is still struggling to get back to how it was before. I met one of the members that had a sad experience with the typhoon. In the area I am assigned there were 8 deaths and out of those 8, 2 of them were from his family. His wife and his son died in the storm. I was almost in tears as he told the story of how much he loved them and how he wished he could be with them again. He said his wife was in the process of becoming a school teacher and how she loved to teach. Then he said that he knows his wife is teaching children in the spirit world.

These people here have such a strong testimony of the gospel and so do i. I really am glad that i have the knowledge that I do about the gospel. Especially the Atonement.

Sorry this is short. not a lot of time today to email. 

Love you all
 Elder Carlton

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