Monday, April 13, 2015

March 16

This week seemed to go by pretty fast. It started on monday where we
got to go to a waterfall. It was pretty cool. It was really neat!
Tuesday was Zone training meeting and we learned how to be better
preach my gospel missonaries. then wednesday was exchanges with the
zone leaders. IT was really neat to hear how the lord inspires some
people with things to say sometimes. I said goodbye to one of the
youngmen in my ward. It was really sad to see him leave for his
mission but i know that he is doing what he needs to do right now.
Sorry this is short. there really wasnt a lot that happened this week.
SO much of personal growth and development that I dont really know how
to explain through email. It was really neat for me! I am greatful for
the challanges that the lord gives me. It really is a pain but i know
that the lord will bless us for our obedience to follow what he has in
store for us. It really is hard especially right now for me to see
what the lord wants me to learn but I am willing to learn and keep
growing and being the best that I can be

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