Monday, April 13, 2015

A week in April

HEY guys! This week was pretty awesome. We got to watch conference! Such a spiritual, uplifting time.

I really was touched by the talk about how music is the gospel and how we need to share it with others. When the prophet sustaining was going on and one person objected, my heart sank. I wondered in my head as to why someone would do something like that? Was it for laughs or to get a good kick out of conference? I don't know the reason as to why they did that but for me it really strengthened my testimony for me to know that we have a living prophet on the earth today. He is called of god and we need to head to his council. I sustain him and follow the council he gives.

This week was kind of a struggle with transfers and conference. We worked as much as we could in the time that we had available.
Its been a lot of fun walking every where. We have talked to lots of people as we walk. Even though it may take longer to get to our designated place we are planting seeds in people that may soon want to have the gospel in their lives.

Elder Magtanum and I are getting along really well. We have had a few things that we do differently and when one of us does it we look at each other and just laugh. Its still an adjusting phase, but when we can just laugh and accept another way of doing something we learn something that may be easier than how we would have done something or we learn that we can find ways to make things easier for people.

The work here is going pretty well. We have had a rough week teaching, but numbers are not important. Sure they show maybe how effective you were in the week statistically, but I learned this week that although we didnt have a ton of lessons. We still were able to bring people to Christ.

For the first few weeks of my mission I was under the impression that we had to have lessons to show how effective we are. Its true but the most important thing is bringing people unto christ. Maybe the circumstances were not appropriate to teach at that time so we would show our love and appreciation for them and ask for a time we could come back.

We visited so many people and invited them to conference and we tried to incorporate the He lives video into our teaching.

Its amazing how the lord works sometimes. When I got the assignment as district leader I was really shocked that I was being called to serve as district leader. I felt so unqualified and inadequate for this assignment.(still do) But as I thought about it, this is exactly what the lord wants. Someone who will rely on him to guide his people in the way that the spirit wants not in the way that the missionary knows everything and is just telling others what he knows, but in the way that the spirit directs.

Its funny how it all kinda works out. I had been praying for a way to better understand and recognize the spirit guiding me in teaching and where and what to do and my prayer was answered.
Hope all is well for all of you.
(or in waray ELDER CARTON)

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