Monday, April 13, 2015


 This week was a week worth remembering. It was filled with all kinds of stories to tell. But I only have a little bit of time so I will tell the story that I liked the best. So this week we had a district activity at some of the most beautiful looking water falls I have been to yet. It was so pretty. You could walk behind it and take some really good pictures. So I took a lot of pictures. Its better to have more than not enough. You can always delete pictures if you need too. So I took some really good pictures. It was really good. It is starting the summer season here so there is hardly any rain. Different than 4 months ago where the rain was never going to end. Well it's just the opposite here. It has been so hot. It feels like summer every day here. Its been crazy. I spent most of my week on exchanges in Allen this week. It was a lot of fun. I got to have a good missionary working hard all day experience! It was really awesome! Anyways, so the awesome story!!! So while I was on exchanges I finally decided to contact my mission presidents wife about this infection I have had for the past 2 weeks. So she told me to take picture and send it to her. So I did. I ejected my memory card from the computer and then I forgot to upload a picture so i plugged it back in. A little problem occured. My memory card said it had an error. So I tried it again and again. But nothing. If you havent picked up yet my memory card had been wiped. No pictures. It made my heart sink. I had taken over 2000 pictures and it was the first 6 months of my mission. Gone Just like that. So my companion at the time said lets go see if we can get it recovered. So we fould a guy that tried to recover it but he only could recover every other picture. It was like ugh. So sad. Then I remembered that I had backed up my pictures to my flash drive 2 weeks ago just to be safe. So I only lost pictures from like a week. Good thing. It was really a scary moment I freaked and was really sad that I didnt get to have all my pictures but as I thought about the situation I decided to look at the positve about everything. So it is with life. We have things that happen to us that we can not control or we can not fix or are just out of our reach to understand at this point in life. So it is our attitude that has to change about the way that we view every thing. We have the opportunity to change ourselves and the way we view the things that happen to us. This transfer has been really hard for me and has been a transfer of trying really hard to look at the positve of things and how I can adjust myself to make things work for the best of everyone around me. Para sa imo, how can you make the situation you are in better? Change your attitude!!! 
So for the update of the area I am in. This week we found out that if we tried really hard and taught a lot of lessons we could have 5 baptisms by the end of this transfer!! Crazy to think that we could have 5. One of the kids was baptized when he was seven. The mistake of the missionaries. They got the birthdate wrong. So he needs to be rebaptized. Then we have 3 kids from a family that I have been teaching for a while that are ready and a daughter of a part member that is ready as well. Although they are only children and are all under the age of 15 it is still neat to think that we will have those baptisms. The cool thing about all of this is that most of these baptisms are going to soon complete families or be in families where the gospel is strong and has a big part in their lives so Im not super worried about them going less active in the near future. So its been really neat teaching them. We actually get the opportunity tonight to teach them again. It cuts our P-Day short but thats a sacrafice that Im willing to make. Something else that is neat is one of our recent converts will have the opportunity to baptize them!
That sums up my week. Its been a rough time with the language but I am getting it. Maybe another few months and I will have it down. Just maybe!
Anyways, I hope that you are enjoying the letters Im sending. If there is stuff you want me to send that im not including then let me know. Transfer day is April 7. only 2 weeks away. Crazy how time goes.
Love always your favorite,
 Elder Carlton
Fun facts- It hasnt dropped below 85 degrees here at night. Super hot!
- Im turning into a red lobster. the sun here burns me really bad. not the nice tanning I got back home.
- I still have my super sensitve hearing at night so i hear everything. It great!

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