Monday, April 13, 2015

March 30

So this week was full of all sorts of good things to tell. It started first with P-Day where we went to the beach and I got attacked by a monkey. Forgot to add that in last weeks letter. Then Monday night we headed back to our area to work. We taught one lesson to a Less active. It was a good lesson. He had a good time asking us lots of questions.
Tuesday we woke up and went to a Community Service Project where we helped a family pour cement to level out the floor in the house. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work in the hot sun before my mission. It really trained me to be able to work now  where the sun never goes away and you feel like the sun is never going to go away. We then had exchanges with the other elders in our district. While we were on exchanges we got to teach a family that is less active and bring the spirit into the lesson. It was really neat to see that they were able to feel the spirit and for them to really understand me because I still struggle with the language and really understanding people.
Anyways, we continued with exchanges Wednesday because we had to sleep in Allen that night. We got punted all day Wednesday. Every house we went to no one was home or they were busy, so it made it really hard for us to be able to teach anybody. We stopped at a hut that over looked the ocean and I said a prayer to please help us find one person that we would be able to teach. I was for sure that we would be able to find someone right after that. Well we didnt. We were on our way back home at night and we ran into a older member that is partially blind and was trying to find his way back home so we helped him find the way back home and the family invited us in to share with them. We felt prompted to share about the restoration so we did. Its amazing how the spirit works. I dont know why we shared about it or if it really had an effect on the people we taught but it was a lesson that we really had the spirit with us and I was really grateful for it. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is really here on the earth today and I am so glad that i am apart of it!
Thursday we had zone conference! we talked about the missionary schedule and how important it is for us and how we can really have success as we follow it. 
Thursday night we slept in one of the other elders apartment. No rides going back to our area. 
Friday we traveled back to allen and we stayed for lunch then by the time we were ready to go it was pretty late so we came back and we went and supported some of our investigators at their high school graduation. They held the ceremony in English so it was really good for me. I understood everything! Everyone stood up to sing the national anthem and I stood up to find out that i was sitting in a pile of red ants. I got bitten pretty bad so my arm itches and is kinda swollen. haha. 
Saturday we had a CSP in one of the other areas and we helped  a family cut roots. It was alot like trimming bushes. Hard work. We were supposed to have interviews for our people getting baptized this coming saturday but we were late getting back and so we missed the interviews. 

The zone leaders were not very happy with us. mainly my companion because he acted like it was no big deal. 

My companion has not wanted to work at all this past week so our area has struggled a little bit. Long story short. He is no longer my companion. I have spent the past few days with the Zone leaders working in their area. Hopefully this week I will be able to go back and work!

This week was a week that I will remember from my mission. While we were in Zone Conference we talked about Easter and the new mormon message that has come out. Its called because he lives. It is really good! I hope all of you have the opportunity to watch it. 

Lastly, becasuse of the time difference I will not be watching conference live like most of you so please hold off on sending the talks and favorite quotes and things from conference till the next week. I will get to watch it the 11-12 of april. 

Love you all
Elder Carlton
- I got really sunburned this week. I look like a lobster
-I had ice cream almost every day this week!

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