Monday, April 13, 2015

Change is always the answer

This past week has been a really fun week for me. I had the opportunity to work with my branch mission leader for the week. He is a really funny guy. He is in his 30's so it made it a little awkward for me some of the times when we were at the house at night. He made me laugh so hard one morning when I woke up. He woke at like 5 and he just sat in his bed playing games on his phone. Well he forgot to turn the sound off so his shooting game was a nice awaking for me. I tried really hard this last week to visit everyone that I had ever come in contact with in the area and try to share something about the gospel with them. It was really fun to see the smiles I brought to some peoples faces.

Sad to say I have been transferred to a new area. I am super sad to leave San Isidro. I received a letter from my father and in it he talked about how you will always love your first area. It is the place where you learn to do missionary work. Where you first learn to love the people. He went on to say that it is always hard to leave at transfer time. It is so true. I really grew to love that area and to love everyone there. Even the water bill lady was sad to hear  that i was leaving. I only saw her 6 times. I was assigned there for about 6 months. 1/4 of my mission done and in the past. 

So transfers came and I am now assigned in Jaro. Its pronounced with the Spanish way like Jose. Made the mistake of saying it the american way. oops! My new companion is Elder Magtanum. He is Filipino. He is super funny and really loving. We are about an hour outside of Tacloban. Way better than the 7hr trip I had to make from my last area. I dont know much about the area yet. The apartment is really interesting. It is nice. Its totally an elders apartment. Not the cleanest thing but its good. No more laundry shop in the area so I will have to be doing all my laundry by hand now. 

We took a jeepney to the area and the people put my luggage on the top of the jeepney, didnt tie it down or anything. Sure enough i look out the window and see my suitcase go flying off the side. I think one of the miracles of a mission is that you are protected. Even the luggage. Nothing happened to the suitcase or anything inside. just a little scuff mark on top. The lord was really watching out for me. 

I got assigned as District leader in my new area. Im excited for the opportunity to serve others but I definitely feel the pressure.

Im doing well, im healthy and doing my best I can.

Love always,
Elder Carlton

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