Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hey Guys,

As you are probably wondering we had a typhoon come through. I was really scared for this one because I heard something about it and everyone was like whatever nothing big. Well Saturday came and my companion got up at 6 to do laba. I slept in till 6:30. It was great. So we woke up and i noticed it was raining. Ok no big deal. Just a little rain. We got a text at 7 saying that we needed to stay inside all day for our safety. Well that put a big dent in what i was going to do. So I decided to do laba myself. 2 hrs later all my garments were done and 2 of my shirts I had left over. When I was finished i walked back into the main room and my companion was not there so i went to the bedroom to find him taking a nap. So i decided to clean my desk and pack up some stuff I wasn't going to use for a while. It was much needed. We went to the store and bought some food and then came back. I did some studying and then we decided to clean a little more. It started to rain harder and harder so we had to move the desks away from the window. It was leaking. Well it became night time and it still was raining and getting harder. It was a boring day but it went by too fast. I really needed it though. Oh did I mention that the power went out at like 8 in the morning? So it was pitch black by like 6. I decided to use the candle that I had instead of my flashlight. I got caught up in my journal and the we went to bed. We got a text saying to stay awake if we can so I laid in bed for a while. Our apartment flooded a bit prob like 3 in of water. only like a 1/4 in was inside though so it was good.

I have a new companion his name is Elder Reyes. He is really good at working hard. I knew I was going to have hard companions to get along with I just wasnt expecting it to be so soon. So its been a fun really rough first week. I think i have gone to bed praying the hardest this past week than I think I ever have.

Nothing new really happened this week. Besides transfers and the typhoon and church. We didnt really teach a lot. Only a few lessons. Have 2 people with baptism dates and the dates are right after this next transfer so we'll see what happens with that. 

Oh something big POPE FRANCIS came to the Philippines!!!! It was super cool to hear him talk. He said some things that are really important. He talked about families being the center of our homes. Its neat because that is exactly what we teach in our church. Except we add on the part that it is so we can learn and grow and help each other in the gospel. Become what heavenly father wants us to be. And the family is the basic unit of how we can do that. So awesome.

I lost my tie clip this week for real. We were walking down the street and i looked down and it wasnt there. Ugh. It was more sad that it was something that my dad had given me and told me to remember what it said on it than actually loosing it. sentimental value. So i resorted to using one that i got a while ago when i was like 8. lost that one too. that one was my favorite though. it was the nike swoosh with the angel moroni on the end blowing his trumpet. UGH trials we have to face in life. 

This week I have really learned to rely on the lord for a lot of things. Mainly having him there for us to talk to each and every time we need him. When we struggle and when we succeed he loves to hear us. 

I would challenge you all at the end of each day to kneel and talk to heavenly father. He really loves to hear us. He loves to help us with our our struggles and with anything we need. He loves us so much. 

A quick scripture to show how prophets have a sense of humor. In Alma 44 Moroni was fighting the lamanites  He basically tells the lamanites that if they dont stop fighting then game on and we are going to defeat you. something like that . I found it really funny. The goal this month in our mission has been relying on the powers of heaven. I encourage you do do that . However you feel is necessary. Do it. It works. 

Love Always,
Elder Carlton

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