Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So this week has been a week of craziness. It started on Monday. We had sunlight for the whole day. then it was sunny all week long. We took our laundry to the laundry lady. We don't have time to spend doing laundry by ourselves. It normally will take like 3 hrs do do it all. So we sacrificed a little money and got it done. Then to top it all off we had amazing lesson that night with a family about families and how they can be together forever. Well it turned into the mom getting upset about her son doing some things that weren't the best and... Lesson went down the drain. The rest of the week was a lot better. We had zone conference about recognizing the spirit and then found out that transfers were changing from the end of this week to tomorrow so it was a stressful few day leading up till now. Trying to visit all the people we wanted to remember. So, fun days for us. I found out last night that I am staying another transfer here in this area and my companion is transferring out. He was very sad. I taught him a lot while we were together.

I made chicken nuggets the other night. It was super expensive but it was so good. 

So investigators.

We had amazing week with the spirit working with us. We were able to teach lessons and have our investigators really understand what we were teaching and then to have our testimonies really testify was beyond amazing. Although we only taught 12 lessons we were really thankful that the spirit was with us during the time of need in our lessons. Having the spirit is something that can also warn of danger. We had planned to teach a lesson with a group of people this past week and so we went to the lesson. As we entered the walkway to the group of houses I got this feeling to leave. I ignored it at first and thought "Why leave? We are supposed to be teaching them." We continued to go in more. We walked into a group of women. NO male to be seen. Second some of them were not fully dressed and then to top it all off, there was a woman showering. She was behind a board but her head and  shoulders were visible. I had the same prompting come back even stronger. LEAVE NOW. So i told my companion about it and i got out as soon as possible. The spirit will testify of all things that are good. If it is bad it is of the devil. If it makes us have to second guess our self it is not good.

While studying the scriptures this week  I learned a lot. I was reading in The Book of Mormon, in Alma about the resurrection and how everything will be restored to its perfect frame.
Here in the Philippines there are a lot of birth defects that hinder the way people move. So this scripture really was a hit to the head of how exciting it is for all of us to be able to become completely restored to the best we can be. Then I thought of my dad and how he loves this scripture a lot and how he will have a full head of hair when he is resurrected.(bringing back the glory days)  hahaha. 

I grow a new love each day for the time I have to serve the people here. I got bored one night so i calculated how many hours I have left till i come home. After taking out eating and sleeping and down time I came to realize that I only have 5000 hours to bring people closer to christ. So im working harder to bring people closer to Christ. 

One last story about being diligent. So we were going through the area book ( the book that tells where the area is, people, records, and so forth) and we found 15 records that had not been completed... One of those was for a young woman who was going to the temple that day. Long story short, we got a call from the temple that her record number was not in the computer so she didnt get to go. So we spent the whole day doing our best to get everything filled out for all the records. 
So i learned to do my best and always finish a task thoroughly so others dont have to fix stuff that you didnt do. 

Anyways. I love this gospel and am thankful for all of the things I have gotten to do here.

Love ya

Elder Carlton

Fun facts

we made cookies in a toaster oven

I am staying for 6 more weeks

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