Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So to start this letter let me tell you about Christmas and New Years eve.

Christmas- we had the opportunity to visit the other elders in my district and we spent Christmas going to a wedding and a baptism. What better way to spend Christmas than to witness the real meaning of having someone take the first step to enter the kingdom of heaven. It was an amazing thing to witness. I had a powerful witness of the real meaning of Christmas  It was by far my favorite one by far. The no presents thing was a big change  but i got a present that i will cherish forever. I got to talk to my family for while and to tell them about how awesome I am and how much i am loving it here. The work of the lord never ends so we were out working on Christmas day. In the Philippines Christmas is celebrated for like 3 months but when it comes to Christmas day it is just like every normal day. all the stores are open and everyone is doing everything normal. for me it rained on Christmas eve. Like poured rain. If it were snow we prob would have gotten like 5 feet. We visited a member of the other ward with the other missionaries that night and we ate and had a great time. I got a recipe for myself. pretty excited about that. So yay me!

New Years. So New Years eve was on a Wednesday this year. So on Monday the lord really wanted to test my patience level and see how willing i was to focus on the work. I was really excited to email everyone and tell you all how Christmas went for me. Well that didn't really happen. Instead I was given the challenge that every computer i went to the internet would not work for me. I got a little frustrated but I was willing to be ok with not letting everyone know about how awesome my day was. So Monday we had a zone activity and then a brown out. no power. So much fun. We were traveling back on the jeepney and the cover would not stay down so my back was drenched and then to top it all off the jeepney broke down. So when we got to the jeep terminal there were no more rides going back to our area. So we went to the Allen Elders apartment and spent the night there. We got up in the morning to leave but we got a text from the Zone Leaders telling us that we were not to work that day (tuesday) so instead we tried to email but it didnt work again for me. I was  only able to email my mission president. On our way to email I was told that we were in a typhoon again. It was only a signal 1 so just a lot of rain enough to flood the city. haha. So I had a little bit of fun playing in the flood. Oops. Well the water came up to my knees and i was having a blast till we got a text asking if any of the missionaries had been through the flood water. Yeah didnt cross my mind how dangerous it was till then. So when i got back I showered and cleaned up. We ate lunch and then we traveled home. We spend a lot of time searching for people and trying to make everyone have a good new years. New years for us consisted of us looking around the block and seeing 54 massive speakers surrounding our house, and deciding that we were going to leave. So back to Allen we went. We had a good time with the Elders there and when midnight was near fireworks galore. bigger than the fourth of July  It had to have been like double the city fireworks. To top it off everyone bangs what ever they can. So my ears were shot. If I would have had money I would have carried on the tradition of my father. throwing plates off the balcony. I guess it was a good thing I didnt have money. 

So there are the two events of the past two weeks. On Friday I went on splits with the zone leaders (zl's). It was a blast. The ZL I went with was like a foot taller than me. We had a lot in common so we got along really well. He is always super happy which is awesome. It makes it really easy to talk to people. We rocked the exchanges. I was doing pretty well with the language and we committed 3 less active families to come to church. Well all three families showed up. well all three families but not the whole families. But it was ok. Little by little.

So our investigators- We have currently 8 new investigators and 3 families. We gained another one last night. They are doing all really well and we are progressing with them pretty well, except none of them will come to church. So our numbers we report at the end of each week look really bad. But we are doing work here. I will be sad to leave all our investigators and less actives and recent converts we have here in this branch. 

One last thing. I am approaching the end of my first 12 weeks. Can you believe that it's been that long? I found out that one of us will be transferring from this area. I will be really sad if I transfer. I love this area so much. More importantly the people here. I was told that as I loved the people I would find ways to help everyone of them. I have seen that work time and time again. It is so amazing how simple that phrase is and how it is so true. 

I am so greatful for the opportunity to be able to let all of you know how i am doing. It really makes me reflect on how much I have learned and how much I have grown. It also gives me a break from going nonstop. I think almost every night i will be saying my prayers and i will fall asleep during them. I can tell those are the days that I gave it my all.

I am loving serving a mission more and more each day. Watching people smile and seeing them happy each time we visit makes all the rainy days seem like sunny days. 

Love you all,

Elder Carlton

Fun Facts:

It rained for 10 days straight saw sunlight for the first time yesterday
I played in nasty flood water. oops
I cant seem to escape the mosquitoes at night so i wake up bitten to death
I am going to learn how to cook filipino food this next week
I eat rice for every meal mostly
I love getting letters

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