Thursday, November 27, 2014


This week was pretty fast. It rained every day this week. Felt like it was never going to end. When it rains here it pours. I came back to the apartment every day soaking wet. Made me really appreciate cars and transportation that doesn't get you soaked. This week we made a goal to find new investigators and so we did. We now have 15 new investigators and are working with them to be able to teach them the gospel! It’s really neat! Most of them are part of a family but 2 of them are individuals and they are amazing. One of the girls is studying to become a teacher so she speaks a little English. She is so anxious to learn and doing really well at understanding. We are working at setting up a time with one of the other investigators. We didn’t have time this week to do any laundry so we took it to the laundry place and had them do it. hahaha. Funniest thing ever, but I had clean clothes.

So I have made it a goal of mine to become a consecrated missionary so I’m doing my best to become that. It’s been hard this week to work and focus because of stupid side things that happen but I can feel the difference when I put all my energy into making people come unto Christ. I gave my 4th talk since I’ve been here. Crazy! I don’t think anybody understands but it’s great. We only had 48 in sacrament meeting, sad day. My companion got a little frustrated about it so we tried to talk about it a little. It was just a rough day. Appointments didn’t work out and we had to walk for ever. Got my first blisters but they aren’t even bad.

I am loving cooking. My companion says I’m the best ever. haha yeah right. We met an Australian, soo good to speak English to him. and best of all I decided to start a workout plan. My abs are hurting so bad. hopefully I will lose some weight while I’m here. 

I know this is short only had a little time, but these were the highlights of the week. Hope all is well for all of you. Love you all.
Elder Carlton

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