Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We Had a Baptism

Sorry this is late and it’s going to be shorter than normal.  The internet is really slow and I don’t have a lot of time or money so I will have to make due. 

Life has gotten better as the week went on. We didn’t have any water for 3 days. Showering after 3 days feels so good, even if it is with a bucket. We are in the process of trying to recover the area from a tragic drop in numbers. It went from 87 to 50 so we are working with a lot of less actives. I’m starting to get the language. Joke, not really. I can pick up on words and use my super brain to figure out what is going on. It’s hard. I come home every night and I am dead because it’s hard work. I’m going to have such a nice tan when I get back. It is so sunny here. The houses on the water are super cheap compared to the inland houses. Totally opposite of America. There are not many beaches here. We got to go to one yesterday and it was so pretty.

 So I got to perform my first baptism. His name was Rodel. My companion didn’t want to take his stuff so I did it. It was so cool. Nobody really understood me and the water was ice cold, but you could totally feel the spirit. Amazing. So he was part of some mob that killed people so yeah...... but he has changed. He has a glow in his eyes. It’s so cool! 

So Friday was Halloween. When people party here, they party. Our apartment was right next to it so we didn’t sleep much. It started at like 5 and went till 3 in the morning. THEY HAD LIKE 50 SPEAKERS. It was so loud, but I didn’t have any desire to go to it at all. My companion on the other hand was longing for the moment I would say we could go, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t get home sick at all this week. There’s no time for it really. I think I’ve seen a Filipino version of every person I know back home. It’s so creepy sometimes, but at those times I think of all the support they give me to do better. So story time. Do you know the big oil tankers? Well we got to ride on the back of one. It was pouring rain so I got drenched but none of my stuff did. Love my bag. Then my companion decided to jump off and go on another truck, well I didn’t know what was going on and by the time someone explained it to me it was too late. So we were separated for like 15 min. Coolest experience, but I broke a big rule. It stinks because I didn’t know what was going on. It’s difficult to understand when you don’t know the language. Well that’s all I really have. Pictures hopefully will follow. I’m doing great right now and am excited for the new week. Love you all. Jordan

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