Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homesick :(

So this week has been pretty great. We got to teach lessons. I am doing slightly better at the language but I’m still lost with everything everyone says. It’s really bad. So this week we had the AP's stop by our apartment. It was really neat. One of the elders I look up to was an AP so my goal is to be better than him. I don’t know how it’s going to work though. It’s hard work here. So as most of you know, I have to do all my wash by hand. So mom teaching me how to use the washer and dryer was kind of time wasted for now anyways. I was glad I knew how to use it in the mtc though.

This week I got really homesick. I really wanted to go home but as I read the scriptures and did my best to be the best I could be I was strengthened and comforted by the Lord. It’s amazing what the scriptures can do. I was really happy to experience that. I have a special gift. I am able to talk to anybody and they seem to listen or it feels like it anyways or it’s because I’m white. It’s fun. I’m getting stuff made here so when I come back in a little more than 650 days I’ll be able to show everyone. It’s a long time away. It’s going to be forever. Well I have 2 weeks down now, only 10 more to go till I’m done with training. I’ll be spending Christmas and New Years here. yay me. Seems like it’s such a long time away. 

So this week was pretty special, all our plans fell through on Saturday so we didn’t know what to do so we said a prayer and it’s amazing how the Lord works. We both felt the same impression to go a certain way and sure enough we found someone to teach. 

I’m struggling with the language like no other. I cried myself to sleep because it’s so hard to learn. 

I really love the people here. They are so loving and invite you in every time you come. 

I’ve dropped 2 belt loop sizes since I’ve been here, so my nickname of chubby is starting to fade. It’s a struggle because my companion is really skinny so I look like I’m 3 times his size. 

My feet have never hurt so bad in my life from walking. My shoes I’ve had for a year now are starting to wear down so hopefully I’ll be able to make them last a while longer. 

I really miss American food, rice gets old after the first few days. lol.

The city here shuts down when it gets dark and most people are in bed by 8 or 9 so we have a hard time teaching at that time of night.

Well I know this is the Lord’s work and that he is watching over us and wants us to be the best we can, all we have to do is trust in the Lord. 

love you all

Elder Carlton

Spider in the shower

Dry clothes - took four days to dry

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