Friday, September 26, 2014

So this week has been a really fun week.

Monday was just a normal day until Elder Lile went to the doctor about his shoulder.  Then he and his companion didn’t show up, so when they showed up I was asking questions and found out he hurt his shoulder playing volleyball. Tuesday we went to the doctor again and he was told to go and get an MRI so I went with him to that and man my shoulder looked so good compared to his. He had a torn labrym and a chunk of his bone that had been torn so his shoulder keeps falling out of socket. OUCH! He’s having surgery on Monday for that.

Tuesday we had Elder Ballard come and talk to us and tell us about the importance of serving a mission and what he knew at his age. It was really neat. I didn’t eat dinner that night because of the lines to get into choir.

Wednesday was so amazing we got to go the doctor again and I met the coolest doctor. Elder Lile thinks he is high every time he takes his medicine, so we have had a little fun messing with him about that. The language is really hard to understand and to speak but I am slowly making improvements.

Today is p-day and since I’m singing in conference I had choir practice from 7:30-9:00 and then we practiced a lot afterward. Kind of a long day but the songs we are doing are so cool. It will be the first year anybody has done a medley in conference so yeah me!!!! There is an elder that is with us and it is his first time singing for something big. It is really hard to sing because he is kind of tone deaf so he misses notes and I sing too quietly so I’m working to sing louder. On a normal p-day we go to the temple at 7:40, then we have laundry at 2:15 so we do email then. Crazy. Then we have class at 6, so that’s my day and all the time that is in between is free time.

So while I’ve been here I’ve spent $20. I lost a book and I bought face wash and a hymn book. Someone stole my language book so after I spent all the time looking for it I just went and bought another one. That book has been so helpful to me.

So I love getting dear elders from everyone. The Mayer’s have sent me ones and Kjersti. It’s so neat to see that people are actually caring about stuff like how are the beds and how’s the food. To answer those questions. Being a light sleeper is not the best thing. If someone turns I wake up because the bed shakes and if someone leaves the room the light goes directly on my face, but other than that I have loved being on the top bunk. I get my own shelf to myself for everything. So you know how dad said we get to power wash the bathrooms well we don’t anymore. Some kid ruined it and we don’t get to, but scrubbing toilets and drains are super fun. I have choir practice every day till conference. Tell Vince he should go to the priesthood session and look for me. I’ll be toward the front because I’m short. Our choir director is the one from the April conference. Awesome!!!! Well I have to go I have stuff to do so I’ll write you later. Did my checks from works come in? I’m trying to get everything taken care of now before I leave in 3 weeks. Crazy that I’ve been here that long. My comp said I have the most power in teaching lessons he’s ever seen. Crazy to think that. Anyway love you guys a lot. I know the church is true and I know Christ has suffered for me.


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