Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Here is the letter for this week. 
So much to tell you. The food here is so fatty and I don’t eat a lot. My shoes ripped even more so most of my foot will slide out. I got the package Monday and the other one I just got today. I am running a lot. I smell so bad, but with the new clothes you sent it will be better. So I’ll just do a rundown of each day. So Saturday was the boring classes. jk They are pretty fun. Sunday we had a devotional with Tad Callister. I was in the second row for the devotional. We got moved from the back. It was awesome! He talked about the plan of salvation. Afterwards I went up to him and asked if he knew Vince and he was like yeah how do you know him? I told him I was his nephew and if he saw him to tell him I said hi. My companion was like you seem to have way to know everyone. Then we had meeting after meeting talking about all the people in our districts. BYU dinning keeps as few people working as possible on Sundays so the lines are really long. Monday we had a normal day then we had brother Judd come and visit us in our dorms. He just returned from his mission in Africa so I took a shot in the dark and asked if he knew Jordan Smeltzer. He got a big smile and was like he was one of the best elders we had. It’s neat that we both get him!! I’ve been waiting to see Nick and Amanda at the temple but I haven’t yet. They must be busy. The temple is really pretty in the mornings, with the clouds and stuff. Tuesday we had Elder Scott come talk to us about communicating with Heavenly Father. It was so powerful and super neat that we got to see him. He’s getting old. The picture I sent is the group of us that are going down to the Philippines. Most of them left yesterday but a few of us are going in 4 weeks. They were so cool. It was sad to see them leave. We got along really well. I got so much left over stuff from them it’s kind of sad.

So Elder Vaovasa my companion and I are getting along really well. I got really stressed the other day. One of the Elders in my group didn’t want to follow the rules so he got mad at me and tried to man handle me a little.  I was like what do I do???? So I talked to the branch president and the next morning he came down to talk to him about leaving his companion and the violence with me. After that day my companion stuck up for me with everything. And sticks with me everywhere we go. He is so loving. I have learned to just laugh with them at their stupid mistakes and have fun with them. They all call me carrrton cause the L sound is hard. I have a handshake that I do with them every time I see them and they love it. They are so sloppy though, they love to eat food at night as they lay in bed so our room took so long to clean. They love gym so while they played I cleaned. It looks so good now. My comp loves sleeping on the floor. Strange but he says the bed is too soft. Thank you for the ear plugs you sent. They help so much at night. I only woke up once last night because of the rain. 

So they have so many pretty flowers here and then one morning I was walking to get the mail and I noticed that they were all gone so I asked the guy that was planting new ones what happened and he said that the church spends so much on flowers that they pull everything out and replant every year. Crazy!!!!

So I love doing laundry. All whites and a few socks here and there. Mistake I made don’t stick my pants in the dryer, too many wrinkles and the irons we have don’t work. Thanks for the tape. I didn’t know you were going to send that much so I bought some yesterday and then tape galore.

So I learned I can’t listen to music in my room but it will be nice while I run. Thanks for the EFY music, smart move. 

The language is a struggle. I got special help for it so now I can finally say a sentence. Only a week behind everyone. Oh well. I went to the temple today and did initiatories they were so awesome!! The Provo Temple is so efficient to handle all the missionaries. The food is so good here. But I’m getting fat. All the Tongans are like you are fat boy. Then I say so are you and they get quiet then we bust up laughing at it.  

We have been teaching people and we taught them about the book of Mormon and faith and prayer. It is so hard to teach when you don’t know any words. My studying consists of Chapter 3 in Preach My Gospel every day. That book is going to be so worn. 

All the islanders play rugby so they all know the hauka so I will have to send the video some time. It’s awesome. They are all pretty built guys. 

My companion is from Melbourne right next to the airport. He loves to spend money.

So I am having a competion between an elder in my district to see how many letters we can get. He’s at 45 and I’m at 27 so everyone needs to write me!! Only letters and dear elder count. 

Well I know this gospel is true and gain a greater testimony each day.  Love you all

Love Jordan

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