Monday, October 20, 2014

So this week was full of ups and downs. As most of you know I was able to sing in general conference this past weekend. It was the best experience of my life. From the time I found out what songs we were singing to the time that we actually sang was a roller coaster in of itself. I developed a sinus infection last Wednesday and I thought I was going to die, but lucky for me the Lord was watching out for me and kept me well enough to sing through Saturday night. I went to the doctor Friday and told him my symptoms. He said it was a cold and that it would be fine. NOT. Worst weekend to be sick. So when Saturday came around I was coughing like crazy and it was hard to breath and I couldn’t hear at all. We loaded the buses and went to the conference center during the middle of the two sessions and we practiced through the second session. It was super neat that the conference center has another conference area. It’s pretty big. Not nearly as big as the real one but it is huge. So after we practiced we went into the conference center. IT IS MASSIVE!!! Looking at the audience the whole time is really cool. I was right behind the organ the whole time. So I didn’t get very many shots like some of the kids. So after we sang I got to see my Uncle Vince as we were getting on the buses. It was the best thing ever to see him. We took a picture and talked for a while and talked about how special I am. Lol. So a lot of people said I looked a lot thinner, well since I’ve been here I had gained 10 pounds in the first few weeks then with me being sick I lost like 15 so my suit feels big on me now. I’m starting to even out again but I’m still losing a pound a day.

SO that was the conference experience. The rest of the week was as bad as the first day of me being sick. Monday I went to the doctor for my sinus infection again and he looked at me and said you are worse than you were before. LUCKY ME. Well that didn’t matter too much. I looked in the mirror in the doctor’s office and noticed some yellow dots on my face. Same dots that usually appear when I have staph. Well lucky for me it was staph. So now I have staph infection so all my pictures of me are going to have me with staph infection. GREAT way to start the week. So Tuesday came around and one of the Elders had been in meetings all day long. He as been having a hard time. So after the devotional that night we came back to the class room and talked about what was going on. I’ll make it short. he isn’t going home. He switched districts so now we have Elder Wayne in the district. He is so cool. He is from the Navajo reservation. He is Lamanite descent. It is cool to hear all the similarities between his tribe and the Book of Mormon. Wednesday came around and I felt like I was golden. The cough and everything was gone. My ears weren't hurting at all and I slept the whole night. Yay me!! Well that was an eventful day. Wednesday I went with my companion to the dentist. He had a root canal. We were there for 3 hrs. I was bored out of my mind so I wrote letters. Then I had him fix my tooth that I chipped so he shaped it for me. Everyone there was Mormon. They were all talking about their missions and how fast they went. Made me really excited for mine. I only have 6 days left!!! Thursday we had infield orientation. They showed us all the things that missionaries struggle with and how to help each of us overcome them. It was really neat. That night we got to talk to talk to someone from the Philippines. I am scared out of my mind. I didn’t know anything she was saying. I picked up on 3 words.  I’ll get it eventually.  And today is P-Day so I’m writing my letter and trying to think of anything else that everyone wants to know but I don’t know. I went to the temple this morning. Last time for 2 years. Sad moment. But I learned so much this time. It was a really cool experience and I got some really good pictures. The leaves are starting to change colors. The mountains look like they are on fire. The moon the other night was so cool. The clouds were amazing and the moon shining through made it really cool. I got some pictures so I’ll send them.
Some cool facts:
I’ve gotten
6 packages
60-70 letters (too lazy to count exact ones)
Gave away 2 pairs of shoes
Received a lava lava and a new pair of shoes
I’m in class for 6 hrs a day
I’ll be on a place for like 22 hrs total. Crazy

Well I love you all and hope all is well. Next time I talk to you all will be sometime that I know not. love ya

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